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How Musicwirx

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Portland Music Scene

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We walk with earbuds and drum on our steering wheels. . .

As children we dreamt of going on the 1980’s “Star Search,” or today’s  “American Idol.” Many of us perform in places where we can hide with the masses, but have never taken the big leap into the “real” music scene. We are lovers of music.

This is where we learn about the baby steps of entering the professional world of music. It’s our window to the soul, drive and creativity of our favorite artists. This is how Musicwirx . This site is an avenue to explore the crafting of musical careers through the Portland, Oregon metropolitan music scene. We’ll learn from local and visiting artists, their managers and producers to unlock the secrets of making it.

Portland, Oregon has long been recognized for its vibrant music scene. Indie Music Universe rated Portland’s  Doug Fir Lounge as one of the top Indie music venues in the world. Travel and ranked Portland in the top 20 of America’s best Music Cities, beating out northern rival Seattle, WA.

Music is hot here and over the years has contributed to folk, grunge, the blues, alternative, rock, indie and more. Oregon was birthplace to Everclear, it was here that Courtney Love met Nirivana’s Kurt Cobain, where Paul Revere and the Raiders hail from, and where Modest Mouse relocated to.  With some of the best venues around like the Crystal Ballroom and Arlene Schnitzer concert hall, Portland attracts musicians from all over the nation and even the world.

Join Musicwirx as we look at music through the eyes of those who make it.
by Marzee Dyer