Musicwirx attempts to look into the journey, skills and tools required to create music in America. We get behind the scenes with local and visiting Portland metropolitan musicians to see how they craft their work. We will learn about the training required, the choices made in creating their craft and how they use the various tools of their trade. We will journey with the artists, experiencing the challenges, growth, obstacles and pitfalls in sharing one’s work with the world. Join us in the studio as we study the artistry behind producing a music track.  Learn how musicians seek out vocal coaches as well as the keys behind their training and technique. Find out what inspires your favorite artists and how they push themselves to refine or discover new sounds. Discover the path traveled to turn a musician’s dream into a reality.

This site offers such insights in a multi-media format with behind-the-music videos, frank interviews,  thoughtful and fun articles, tutorials, concert reviews and more. Discover what musicians value in their work, the sacrifices they make to create it and what drives them to pursue it. We are a resource, guide and window to the musician for fans and aspiring artists. Learn from both amateurs and masters in a variety of genres. Be inspired. Experience Musicwirx.


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