Social Media for Musicians: The best time to Post and Tweet

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Promotion Tips
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Professionals in the music industry know that social media is essential to self promotion.

Whether trying to network or increase their fan base, musicians must learn how to effectively employ platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The big wigs in the business hire experts in the field to execute their social posturing. While most up and coming success stories can’t afford social media marketers, they can still access the data that even the best promoters rely on.

Vitrue, one of the original and few Facebook “Preferred Developer Consultants” is one of the most innovative social media marketing strategists. Their 2010 Facebook study pinpointed and analyzed the biggest spikes in usage and traffic volume. Analysis and implementation of this data tells marketers when to post to claim the highest traffic and feedback.

Kissmetrics, a business analytics company, led a similar Facebook study in 2011, but also added Twitter to the mix. Rather than focusing on the most effective post times, Kissmetrics measured when posts and tweets are most shared or retweeted. A key point in their study found that nearly 80% of the US population is in the Eastern (48%) and Central (33%) Timezones. This is why Kissmetrics defined shares or tweets by an Eastern Timezone (ET) schedule.

Use expert timing to increase the visibility, feedback and shares of posts and tweets.


  • Get the most views by posting before 3:00p.m. ET, with 3:00p.m. on Wednesdays having the highest traffic.
  • If you’re looking for feedback, post in the morning hours in the first quarter hour (between :00 and :15).
  • To get your comment shared post in the morning as most shares happen at noon ET. Saturday at noon ET produces the most content shares.


  • Engage the highest volume of Click Throughs by tweeting 1 – 4 times per hour.
  • Click Throughs spike at noon and 6:00p.m. ET.
  • Midweek and Weekend tweets have the Highest Click Through Rate(CTR) overall.
  • Get the highest CTR by tweeting on Weds and Saturday just before noon and 6:00p.m. ET.
  • If you want to get retweets, tweet in the afternoon. Most retweets happen at 5:00p.m. ET.

Experts in the industry combine the best in analytics to secure superior results for their clients. If a musician wants to see growth in their social media network they need to understand timing to get the highest visibility and engagement from their posts and tweets. The accessibility to such data (via internet) and social media sites for even the greenest musician makes self promotion on a global scale possible. All it takes is a little internet savvy and know how.



 By Marzee Dyer
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